A Closer look at Rockstar's Wallpapers

"The Eye" Series 1/3

First in "The Eye" series of wallpapers shows a deity-looking, eyeball observing a digital city from above, holding religious hand gestures. In the background a pyramid lies between two toxic gas silos. Atop the pyramid, the Rockstar logo shines a bright blue light outwards, contrasting against the red background.
The player base as a collective are represented by the "eye in the sky" (which, if I am not mistaken, is also what the camera is interestingly referenced to as in the game's coding; also consider the way the camera behaves while switching characters), interacting with San Andreas. The clouds surrounding the eye represent us as players. Rockstar are represented as the gods of this digital world; sitting atop their holy crest, casting a blue light outwards from the capstone of a pyramid structure (possibly intended to appear of Mayan inspiration) symbolically piercing through the contrasting red parts of the sky.

The appearance of the colors blue and red are a recurring manifestation of duality present within the game. The presence of red signifies what Freud would call Id driven desires. The universe of San Andreas is an (unfortunately only slightly) exaggerated version of our own universe in real life. The blue light emanating from the Rockstar logo represents their positive morality in real life, despite creating violent virtual universes filled with evil and hate and doubt.

With this information we might assume the red clouds may be the same as the people with red hair who are symbolically unsaveable (for the purpose of connecting Epsilon to the metaverse; made up by the communities involved in the overarching mystery, transcendent from the virtual GTA Universe yet inextricably linked to our real one. This also further establishes the importance of the red and blue duality, as Epsilon is notorious for the color blue). Epsilons begrudging disdain towards people with red hair is symbolic of the members of involved communities that will inevitably dismiss the correct theory before considering it's possibility.

The purple clouds make up the majority of the cloudy mass; these represent the rest of the player base that is not invested in the mystery and those who simply play the game for it's traditional value. This is reinforced by ultraviolet being on a seperate part of the wave spectrum (seen below) than the rest of the colors; similarly, most of the player-base has little to contribute to the completion of the mystery due to not being involved.

To put shortly, this wallpaper symbolizes the time during the release of the game, while most players spent their time enjoying the virtual world without even acknowledging the mystery's existence. The orange clouds represent the few players that had seen the pre-release screen shots of the Chiliad Shed, and thus have prior interest in a potential mystery, though the lack of blue clouds leads one to assume that nobody could've understood the true scope of the mystery at this point.
The characters collectively represent the Freudian structural model of the human psyche. Michael is an ego driven character while Trevor contrasts him, being an Id-driven character. Franklin represents the Super Ego, the transcending aspect of our personality that is responsible for balancing rationality and morality. Interestingly, when Chop is available on the character switch wheel his color is red; symbolic of the difference between man and animal being his ego.
The colored backgrounds of the players on the switch wheel correspond to their position on the wave spectrum. The red end represents the Id which often consists of instant gratification without consideration of morality. Green is the Super Ego, which is akin to our conscience. The Super Ego is the voice of rationality that keeps us from regressing into an animalistic state of consciousness in which we would satisfy our Id based desires without question. The blue end represents the Ego, whose job is to consider the desires of the Super Ego and the Id and satisfy them in a balanced manner.

"The Eye" Series 2/3

The second wallpaper in "The Eye" series. The eye is now armed with a lightning rod while blue clouds begin to appear from behind. A purple light emanates from the city in the background, the same color that fills the star shape in the foreground; signifying that players not invested in the mystery will continue to happily remain in San Andreas while the hunters create a "metaverse" outside of the game; on the internet in real life.
This wallpaper shows the player metaphorically leaving the virtual universe of San Andreas and seeking a Rockstar logo entangled in an asymmetrical star shaped net of light. The star represents the collective of relevant knowledge and wisdom we have gathered and archived on internet forums and subreddits. The star is the mystery, we have all the clues we need but we need to segregate and rearrange them in order to make the star symmetrical/make sense of the overarching narrative told by the individual clues. The star appears to be producing red clouds, symbolizing that the internet is also heavily saturated with hate and inevitably many doubters of the true conclusive theory. The lightning bolt is symbolic of the meta-knowledge of the game's story-line and mechanics we posses and must utilize to reach the answer, which is also referenced to in the Tract of Epsilon in which they mention that knowledge and wisdom are valuable tools.

Ultimately, this wallpaper is symbolic of the hunters beginning the hunt, collectively gathering information and becoming a collective consciousness of it's own through the means of knowledge being archived on subreddits and forums in which people can access without the need of finding the same clues in game themselves.

"The Eye" Series 3/3 
The third wallpaper in the series shows the collective hunters finally reaching what they seek in game. A barely visible eye looms over the sky in the background, while another one holds the lightning rod of knowledge in one hand and 6 lightning bolts in the other. The are significantly more blue clouds now, though they distantly drift from the mostly purple and red, cloudy mass. The majority of players playing the game are not hunters, and this will be true until the mystery's completion. The star from 2/3 is now symmetrical and houses the Rockstar logo of light atop the same pyramid from 1/3.
The Eye watching over in the background represents our real self playing the game and using the knowledge we have acquired to trigger the next step. The eye in the foreground, representative of our in game character is armed with 7 lightning bolts, collectively. Other notable recurrences of 7 are the seven golden peyote plants found on 7 different days of the week and "Seven is heaven", which is quoted from the Serial Killer Nursery Rhyme found in game, as well as the infamous Chiliad Mural shown below.
Interestingly, the eye shape atop the Chiliad Mural also shows 7 dashes surrounding it, despite there being possibly 8 or 10 actual lightning symbols pictured on it. Many contrasts can be made between the mural and the third wallpaper in "The Eye" series, as the mountain in the mural may suggestively be representative of the pyramid in the wallpaper and vice versa.

 The constant duality, the potential unity of the souls through love, and the ultimate potential for spiritual enlightenment through manifestation of the trinity between man and woman are universal truths; unlike the concept of time which is a situational truth.